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Reward offered in burned-dog case

To contribute to the reward fund, please contact the Chester County SPCA at (610)-692-6113.

A Chester County resident and animal advocate is offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of whoever set a dog afire early Saturday in Coatesville and left it to die.

The animal, a Yorkshire terrier mix between three and five years old, was found by firefighters who responded to what they thought was a trash fire at 2:37 a.m. in the 300 block of Coates Street.

The 15 to 20-pound dog with silver, black and blonde fur was in a trash bag.

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A special welcome from Tom Hickey, Founder and Chairman of DogPAC

DogPAC is the political action committee responsible for

Our mission is quite simple…we will not stop our work until we pass laws and are convinced that government is doing all that it can to stop the terrible dog abuse that is happening right now.  Much still remains to be done.

Pennsylvania had the unfortunate but well-deserved reputation as the ‘puppy mill capitol of the East,’ a result of the staggering number of puppy mills that existed prior to our historic dog law changes in 2008.  This multi-million dollar industry is in business purely to churn out puppies. For many of the bad breeders, their dogs are nothing but commodities… never considered or treated as living beings.  Since the signing of the new dog laws, the number of commercial kennels dropped dramatically….from about 300 in 2008 to an estimated 60 today!  Because YOU TOOK ACTION!

But now in 2012 there are still many issues requiring our attention!

Did you know that in Pennsylvania today it is still legal to use gas chambers to euthanize dogs.  As unbelievable as it seems, there are still a few humane organizations that use this barbaric procedure.  We oppose it and, with your help, are going to pass laws to end this!

Did you know it’s legal in Pennsylvania to have your dog chained outside twenty-four hours a day.  With your help we are going to end that cruelty too!

And despite the fact that in 2008 we implemented laws that were called the ‘toughest laws in the country’ focused on improving the lives of dogs in commercial kennels, today in Pennsylvania I do not believe that the Department of Agriculture is doing its job to ensure that these laws are being enforced.  As a member of the PA Dog Law Advisory Board I intend to find out why this is happening….and demand that those who continue to disobey the law and allow dogs to suffer in commercial kennels are held accountable in a court of law.

And the list goes on…..

That’s why we have formed DogPAC, a bi-partisan political action committee created to support action through legislation. Our goal is simple: we are creating a grassroots groundswell across Pennsylvania to change the way we allow dogs in Pennsylvania to be treated. Our plan is equally simple – we will enlist Pennsylvanians from every corner of this state to speak up and get involved, and we will support candidates for office who have the courage and the strength of character to stand up to special interests.

When Governor Ed Rendell replaced the state’s Dog Law Advisory Board almost six years ago, he asked the new Board members to work quickly and thoroughly to help put together a legislative proposal that would help put a stop to dog abuse through puppy mills in Pennsylvania. This is now law.

The chairman and founder of DogPAC, Tom Hickey, Sr. was named to the new Dog Law Advisory Board, and was very instrumental in helping write and pass the new laws.  Additionally, the DogPAC steering committee represents a group of dedicated, experienced and accomplished individuals who are dedicated to making this legislation into a reality for Pennsylvania’s abused animals.

Of no surprise, there are numerous well-financed special interest groups actively working against any plan to stop animal abuse.

Until today, these special interests have never had organized, active opposition.

Now, they do.

Together, we will make sure that, in Pennsylvania, we send the clear message that the days of the terrible abuse of dogs in Pennsylvania are over!


I look forward to working together with you as we TAKE ACTION to end abuse of animals.




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