Watch the PSPCA’s New PSA about the victims of dog fighting

September 12, 2009

Click below to watch the Pennsylvania SPCA’s new public service announcement detailing the horrible abuse suffered by the victims of dog fighting.

Watch DogPAC Chairman Tom Hickey on CN8′s “It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle”

August 23, 2009

Tonight, Tom Hickey was a guest on CN8′s “It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle.”  Tom was on to talk about the Eagles’ signing of Michael Vick and his letter to Jeff Lurie suggesting the Eagles match Vick’s salary with donations to dog rescues and shelters.  Please watch the three segments of the show below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Letter to Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie

August 19, 2009

Click here to send your own email to Jeffrey Lurie now

Mr. Jeffrey Lurie
The Philadelphia Eagles Football Club
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Mr. Lurie:

The recent decision by the Philadelphia Eagles to sign Michael Vick has generated heated debate and great controversy not only among football fans both locally and nation-wide, but most prominently people who love dogs. These individuals and groups work tirelessly to save dogs from the abuse and neglect that occurs far too frequently, and have demonstrated their outrage at the Eagles decision to sign a multi-million dollar contract with an admitted animal killer.

The Philadelphia Eagles have publicly committed to working with the community to ensure that the barbaric activity of dog-fighting is eliminated in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. To clearly demonstrate your commitment to fighting animal cruelty and abuse, the Eagles should match, dollar-for-dollar, the total annual compensation of Michael Vick with a contribution for local shelters and rescues every year that Vick remains an Eagle.

The plan is simple: with the matching donation we will be able to establish a facility to provide the necessary medical and behavioral therapies and treatments required to allow dogs to have a ‘second chance’ after experiencing a cruel and abhorrent existence at the hands of those who abuse and kill. The Eagles commitment to providing the necessary funding to allow this ‘second chance’ would mark a concrete demonstration of your dedication to the stated cause of ending animal cruelty. Additionally, with the funds provided by your matching donation, local humane shelters would be able to hire additional humane law enforcement officers to investigate and prosecute those who continue to participate in this inhumane activity. believes that we can be very instrumental in assisting the Eagles and Mr. Vick in his efforts to get out in the community to speak of the evils of dog-fighting, and to that end we offer to work with the Philadelphia Eagles and the area humane society to construct a program, along with success measurements, to successfully reach out to those who are vulnerable to taking part in these illegal activities.

I look forward to your reply,

Thomas G. Hickey, Sr.
Chairman, DogPAC

Click here to send your own email to Jeffrey Lurie now

Senate GOP budget plan raids dog law fund

May 7, 2009

Seeking to slash over $1 billion from Gov. Rendell’s budget proposal, Senate Republicans have dished up a spending plan of their own that takes a sharp knife to many programs, including the restricted account that funds the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.

The plan, announced Monday, calls for siphoning $4 million from the $15 million fund that pays for all expenses related to enforcement of the dog law, a withdrawal that would bankrupt the account by 2011, according to Dept. of Agriculture officials.

The account, funded by dog and kennel license fees and fines from enforcement actions, pays for staff salaries, purchase and maintenance of equipment.

Supporters of the legislation toughening the state dog law that was signed by Rendell last Oct. say they feel betrayed.

“I can’t believe that seven months after passing this historic bill they would want to take it away,” said Tom Hickey Sr., a member of the Dog Law Advisory Board.

Hickey added such a raid on the fund could mean fewer dog licenses are purchased since the money would not be dedicated to improving the welfare of dogs.

Senate GOP leaders say in this tough economic climate, they had no option but to go line-by-line and whittle down Rendell’s $29 billion spending plan to address revenue shortfalls. Their plan, contained in SB 850, has angered many broad-based interest groups, including education advocates, the health care community and supporters of family and children’s services – all programs that would face steep cuts.

Said Rendell’s spokesman Chuch Ardo of the Republican plan: “If they are willing to inflict hardship on children it should come as no surprise that they are willing to inflict hardship on dogs.”

Read this on the Philly Dawg Blog

Animal cruelty bill passes House

February 12, 2009

Thanks in part to the thousands of emails that you sent to your legislators, HB 39 has unanimously passed the PA House of Representatives.  Now we need to make sure it passes the senate, where a similar bill stalled last year.

Click here to contact your senator and tell them to pass HB 39.

You can read more about HB 39 passing the House on the Philly Dawg blog

Wardens seize 96 dogs, shut down Pa. kennel

December 21, 2008

EPHRATA, Pa. – State dog wardens have shut down a central Pennsylvania kennel and seized nearly 100 dogs there.

Officials say the 96 dogs seized Saturday are in good condition.

The owner of the kennel in Ephrata had fought to keep his business running after the state revoked his kennel license last year.

On Dec. 6, a Lancaster County judge issued an injunction and gave Ervin S. Zimmerman 14 days to shut the kennel down.

The injunction came after wardens had cited Zimmerman for six violations of the dog law in November.

Messages left for Zimmerman by the Sunday News of Lancaster were not immediately returned.

Read this article at

Please Stay Tuned!

November 25, 2008

We’ll be in contact with all of you when the new Pennsylvania General Assembly session begins in January. There is much more work for us to do on behalf of dogs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and with your help and support there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

In the meantime, if you haven’t signed the petition yet, please sign it now. If you have signed it, please invite your friends, neighbors and relatives to join you in signing it.

Thank you again for all you have you have done! We’ll be in touch soon.

Gov. Rendell’s Public Signing of New Dog Law (CBS 3 Video)

October 28, 2008

Click here to watch CBS 3′s coverage of Gov. Rendell’s ceremonial signing of HB 2525 to strengthen laws against dog abuse in Pennsylvania.

Gov. Rendell Signs Dog Overhaul Bill (WFMZ VIDEO)

October 11, 2008

Governor Rendell’s done it. A bill that calls for better conditions at dog kennels across Pennsylvania is now law. Rendell signed it late yesterday. The law imposes strict standards on commercial kennels. It requires larger cages and twice-a-year veterinary exams for dogs. Animal advocates say they hope the state will now shed its reputation as the puppy mill capital of.

Watch the video report at

Dog Law Passes PA Senate (WFMZ Video)

October 9, 2008

A bill to reform the state’s dog laws is ready for the governor’s signature. The Pennsylvania Senate passed the bill by a vote of 49 to one. The move comes three weeks after the House OK’d the measure. It calls for bigger cages for dogs, requires annual vet checkups and cracks down on “inhumane puppy mills.” The rules would pertain to commercial kennels that provide dogs to dealers or that traffic in at least 60 dogs a year. Dog law reform gained momentum earlier this year, when two kennel owners in Maxatawny Township shot and killed 80 dogs instead of getting the dogs medical treatment. It was legal for the kennel owners to do so but it sparked an uproar.

Click here to watch the WFMZ-TV video

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