Governor Rendell Video on Passing Laws to Save Puppies

August 22, 2008

Recently, kennel owners in Berks County, Pennsylvania shot and killed 80 dogs. Most of those dogs were completely healthy. The truly horrifying part of this story is that what they did is perfectly legal under existing law. Governor Rendell knows that this story demonstrates the urgent need to strengthen Pennsylvania’s laws to prevent this sort of cruelty to dogs and save their lives. Click below to watch the video of the Governor’s press conference calling for stronger dog abuse laws and then sign the petition to help pass those laws.


2 Responses to “Governor Rendell Video on Passing Laws to Save Puppies”

  1. Ann Freed on September 22nd, 2008 6:58 pm

    The following Judge’s Opinion says it all:

    And now, TADA!!! Meet our favorite judge in Tennessee!

    California Man Faces Life in Prison for Killing Dog;
    and Tennessee Judge Slam-Dunks Puppy Mill Owners

    Tennessee Judge Slam-Dunks
    Puppy Mill Owners

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (USA) – Last week, The Commercial Appeal reported on
    a recent Tennessee Court ruling that was “worthy of a standing

    Animal cruelty doesn’t always require baseball bats and knives. If
    you’ve ever heard the phrase “puppy mill”, you know what I’m talking
    about. Last week, an animal cruelty conviction was upheld by Judge
    Alan Glenn, rebuking the appeal of a couple from Humboldt who had
    bred and kept as many as 350 dogs sick and starving in filthy

    Not only did Judge Glenn deal very sternly with the offenders, he
    delivered an excellent oratory that ought to be framed above the
    door of every court that handles animal abuse cases.

    He said:

    “The Court finds that Judy Fay Johnson and Stanley Paul Johnson have
    been found guilty of 11 counts of cruelty to animals. Bonds are set
    at $1,000 in each of the 11 counts, which was done by a jury of good
    and lawful citizens of Gibson County.

    “Over 350 puppies and dogs were victims of this gross violation of
    the law. The victims of this crime were animals that could not speak
    up to the unbelievable conduct of Judy Fay Johnson and Stanley Paul
    Johnson that they suffered. Several of the dogs have died and most
    had physical problems such as intestinal worms, mange, eye problems,
    dental problems and emotional problems and socialization problems.

    “Since dogs have entered domestic service of human beings, they have
    given solace and companionship when needed. They have helped hunt,
    guard flocks, and in ice and snow have pulled sleds.

    “They have rescued people when lost in snowdrifts. They act as
    police in sniffing out crimes, and they become eyes for those who
    cannot see. They guard homes and possessions. All this, these
    creatures do for kind, humane treatment.
    “Watching this video of the conditions that these dogs were

  2. Ann Freed on September 22nd, 2008 7:11 pm

    Pennsylvania is such a beautiful State plagued by some horrible, cruel and mean inhabitants. These people ruin the State’s reputation all over the civilized world. It is time for righteous people of Pennsylvania to enact laws conforming to civilization in the greatest country, America.
    Stop buying dogs from these millers and put them out of business. Be sure that if it has the “Amish” label it is no different from the rest of the puppy mills.

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