Stray dog policy remains in effect for Harrisburg

March 10, 2012

Harrisburg’s shoot-’em, adopt-’em or drop-’em policy for stray dogs has remained in effect, despite statements to the contrary from the mayor and other city officials.

Sources close to the city say police officers on the midnight shift last Thursday reportedly left a pitbull puppy in a cardboard box under a pavilion in Sunshine Park, behind the Capital Area Transit bus facility at Cameron and Herr streets.

“This is unbelievable,” said Tom Hickey, a member of the governor’s Dog Law Advisory Board. “I was assured by the mayor — with the police chief in the room — that they would not abandon a dog.”

That message was never conveyed to rank and file officers, according to sources close to the city.

Since The Patriot-News exposed the policy on Jan. 4, there has been no order of retraction. In fact, sources say officers were told Monday morning the memo is still in force.
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