Delco’s Movers & Shakers: SPCA head takes up cause for paws

March 10, 2012

In a letter sent to municipalities in July 2010, the SPCA announced it would cease involvement in animal control as of June 30, 2011, and become a no-kill animal shelter by July 2012. Matelsky has amended the term no-kill to “life-saving,” saying the shelter will still have to euthanize incurably sick or violent animals.

“We are very aware that sometimes it has to be done. But our big stance is we don’t want to do it for space,” he said. “Animal control is just running a prison. Prisoners come in, you’ve got no space, the prisoners are put down to make space for new prisoners. That consumes everything.”

Yet, not everyone looked upon the SPCA’s decision to leave animal control amicably. Pennsylvania Dog Law Advisory Board member Thomas Hickey became embroiled in a battle with the SPCA to keep it in the animal-control business.


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