SPCA battle visits Times ‘newsroom’ (With Video)

March 10, 2012

UPPER DARBY — A lively debate broke out in the Daily Times newsroom Wednesday evening as Delaware County SPCA representatives and municipal officials argued about the future of the county’s stray animals.

At the heart of the debate was the burning question of whose responsibility stray animals will become after July 1, the date set by the SPCA for their exfiltration of the animal control business.

SPCA Interim Executive Director Rick Matelsky was joined by the shelter’s director of community relations, Justina Calgiano. Sitting on the opposite side of the evening’s moderator, Daily Times Editor Phil Heron, was Springfield Police Chief Joseph Daly, along with Pennsylvania Dog Law Advisory Board Member Thomas Hickey.

Read the full story at delcotimes.com and watch the video here


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