About the Bills

What will the bills do?
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has proposed sweeping legislation designed to improve conditions for dogs kept and sold in Pennsylvania’s large scale commercial breeding facilities.

Common puppy mill practices include:
• Cramming dogs into tiny cages or rabbit hutches, with no chance for exercise. Some puppy mill dogs never see sunlight, never walk on grass, and never experience life outside of their cages.
• Stacking cages, sometimes up to 30 feet high. Kennel operators can not see into the upper cages to notice whether a dog needs medical care, has adequate food and water, or is even alive. Dogs in the lower cages are covered in the urine and feces of the dogs above them. Their fur is often ripped off when cages are power washed.
• Using open-bottom wire-floored cages that cause agonizing foot pain to the dogs and can lead to both injury and long-term deformities.
• “De-barking” dogs by ramming pipes or other blunt objects down their throats.
• Performing Cesarean Sections without anesthesia or veterinary supervision.
• Shooting, drowning or starving to death dogs that do not sell or who can no longer produce puppies.

House Bills 2525, 2532 (now HB 39), and 499 would:
• Double the floor space of cages and require that kennel operators provide outdoor runs to exercise dogs.
• Outlaw stacked cages.
• Require a veterinarian to check each dog at least one time a year, or during each pregnancy.
• Require solid-surface flooring for all cages.
• Outlaw surgery and euthanasia by owners.
• Deny kennel licenses to individuals convicted of animal cruelty.

In addition, the bills call for kennel operators to uphold basic humane conditions, such as:
• Adhering to minimum and maximum temperature controls in the kennels.
• Making water available to the dogs at all times.
• Providing the dogs with outdoor exercise.

Without the support of people like you, the proposed legislation may never see the light of day. The thousands of dogs suffering in puppy mills have no voice – speak for them by speaking out against abuse, and tell your legislators you want these bills signed into law.

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